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Along for the Pride

Bill Maher is BRILLIANT!!!

New Rule: Time for a National Divorce?

Bill gets a LOT of things right.

Transgender YouTuber Reacts to My Book ‘Johnny the Walrus’

So much truth!!!

BLM Supporter Reacts To Candace Owens EXPOSING BLM And Patrisse Cullors.

The truth is right there for anyone with open eyes.

New Rule: The United States of Dumb-merica

This is the future that the left is giving us.

New Rule: Words Matter | Real Time with Bill Maher 

Ho0ray for this!!!!!!!

Leftist Article Accidentally Exposes the Nightmares of Transgender Surgery

This woman needs professional help.

Buck Angel: Detransitioners, Trans Surgery, & Cancel Culture

Thank you, Blaire White for this video.

I Agree With Russell, This is Fucking Terrifying.

Davos is back! So what are the latest dystopian ideas being discussed by Klaus and his WEF billionaire buddies as they plot a better world for all of them.