Durianrider’s Advice For Fat People

If you’re offended, tough.

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South Park EXPOSES Trans Athletes

Brandon Tatum, I love you man!

Australian Transgender Athlete BANNED from DESTROYING WOMEN

Australian Transgender Athlete BANNED from DESTROYING WOMEN Hannah Mouncey should stop playing sports. He knows he is destroying women because he has had a huge advantage of being male for 25 years before transitioning.

This is just plain BULLSHIT

Blaire gets it right!

Happy New Bike Day!

2019 Santa Cruz Bronson C S

Black Girls Rock says NO Ma’am

Finally some sanity!

Blaire is AWESOME!

This is unfair and should not be allowed.

This…Is NOT a HATE Crime!


The Stupid is REAL!

The sheep of the world are going to grab hold of this, and it will spread.

Hooray for Barbara!

The Trisha Paytas fiasco

The Truth About Jilly Juice

This woman is DANGEROUS!