Calling Justice Thomas ‘Uncle Clarence’ exposes the rotten sham that is the progressive movement

True colors coming out.

The Kid Ben Shapiro ROASTED Made The Most ARROGANT Video I’ve Ever Seen

At his recent speaking event, Ben Shapiro had to respond to a arrogant student whose best argument against Ben was to call Ben a “bozo.” In light of getting ROASTED by social media, the student made his own reaction video.

Massive Gun Rights Victory

Brandon Herrera is a fucking rock star!!!

Douwe, an insufferable prick.

At in the Life, The Universe, and Politics forum. I’ll save this spot for this fucking asshole. Gonna grab some stuff over there that will be fun to share.

Amazon Employees TRAUMATIZED Over This CHILDREN’S Book

I bought this book and love it. The Amazon employees are poosified little cunts.

Ex Navy SEAL Sends Message To Biden

Stop Blaming EVERYONE

Conservative Twins REACT To Joy Behar From The View

Joy? From The View? Fuck her. She is a coddled idiot.

BLACK Conservative Woman SHOCKS White Liberal, Defends Trump

I am not a Trump fan, but Biden? He’s a clueless fuck.

Colion Noir DESTROYS Trevor Noah On Gun Laws In America

Thanks to LPR Family!

Dwight From The Office Canceled By The Woke Mob

Another HUGE over-reach by the left.