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Make Great Choices!

Stop being a victim, and move forward with your life!

White Supremacist Learns He’s 14% Black

OMG, I’m dying here. BTW, I’m just about 100% sure that all of us can trace our roots back to somewhere in Ethiopia.

No whites or men allowed! (Marvel said so)

Sydney is right on point here. A true voice of reason!

Ex-cop sentenced for shooting death of Walter Scott.

Former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager was sentenced to 20 years in prison for fatally shooting Scott, an unarmed black man. I guess they aren’t all above the law after all.

This isn’t helping

This woman lying like this should be considered criminal.

And here is the TRUTH!

Ben Shapiro PROVES that Lincoln Memorial native American is a LIAR

The real problem Americans need to face is the hate being caused by the media.