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Cancel Culture is a Cancer!

Gordon Ramsay Defends Daughter From Fat-Shamer. She’s an adult, she should be tougher than that if she wants to be internet famous. The world is not a safe space, nor should it be. Don’t like what he said? Tough shit, ignore it like real grownups. The guy is a dick? Don’t send him an xmas card this year.


This is brilliant. It’s true, and we should be very concerned about the way things are going. I don’t care if you’re offended.

Gov. Won’t Back Down on Prosecuting “Hacker” Journalist

Thanks to lawyer Steve Lehto for the video.


Happy Tom MacDonald Friday!

Tom MacDonald – “Brainwashed”

I don’t agree with everything he says, but I’m a fan!

The Rockies Dinger/N-Word Controversy

The Rockies Dinger/N-Word Controversy Is Actually a Serious Problem | But Not For That Reason.

Woman Tasered After Calling Officer “Honey”

Did authorities cross the line by tasering the woman after she fled the scene of an accident and called an officer “honey”?

Another State Ends Civil Asset Forfeiture!

Maine is the 4th state to abolish the practice. This has been *legal* theft and has gone on for YEARS!

TCAP – To Catch A Predator

I serious have no idea what these guys are thinking. They get online with what they think are young teen girls (and boys) and think that they seriously want them. Sending dick pics too? This is a good example. So FUCKING CREEPY!

To Catch a Predator – Bad Apple Cop Predator

This is truly scary. Just because a person is a police officer, that doesn’t mean they’re a good person. It doesn’t make them a bad person either. This guy is a straight up freak. Hopefully he never sees the light of day again.