RJAC Epoxy – Ray Garcia



I want to share my experience with RJAC Epoxy. I have a flagstone patio that needed work. I contacted RJAC in September 2022. Ray Garcia, the owner, was very pleasant, and prompt. Everything started out great.

I paid a total of $2,400.00 for the entire project. It took less than a day to perform.

When he stopped by we talked about expectations. I told him that I wanted to love my patio again, and he promised that I would. We scheduled a date to do it, and all appeared well.

The plan was to grind the patio flat, fill any uneven spots, and cover with epoxy. Ray told me that they would have a slight decline toward the edge so water wouldn’t puddle. A non-slip additive was used so it wouldn’t be slippery. They have a pretty cool grinder, as shown. This is my patio. The promise that it would be level is important here. I paid to have it ground down and leveled.

Grinding the surface flat.

They were here for a good portion of the day. After they were done I waited till the next day to let the dogs out, nothing was on the patio before it was safe. Everything looked great for a time, but then it started sinking.

When it went bad, Ray came over and agreed that it needed to be fixed. Ray said that the surface was absorbing the epoxy more than he had expected. I will add notes in the following section so that it makes sense.

This is the entire conversation via text. I left some overlap so you can trust that no sections were left out.

This is the beginning, getting things scheduled, etc.

This is the conversation after I noticed what was going wrong.

This is when he stopped by and agreed that it needed to be fixed. He committed to a date to be here. We made the date in the future so that it could finish settling.

Now we hit the first snag. When he canceled the weather was actually sunny. This is when things went REALLY wrong. I wanted to know when it could be rescheduled. I wasn’t asking him to drop other appointments for me. I just wanted to know when we could reschedule.

This is when he started being angry and uncooperative.

You can see here that I was trying to calm him down. I offered to get on a phone call so we could actually discuss it in a way that our meaning could be conveyed. He refused. I waited for a few months so that the weather could improve, and hopefully, he could be caught up on his projects. March 4th I sent a message to him asking which month we could do this in. That’s when he decided that I was wrong, and that he wasn’t going to fix it.

Here he blames the patina from my stone for the issue. He ground it flat, this wasn’t supposed to happen. The pics have dirty spots in them, I’m afraid to powerwash it because more of the epoxy might be dislodged.

And here he signs off basically telling me to get screwed.

That was the last I heard from him. This is what it looks like.

This is what I got for $2,400.00. If you are considering using them, I invite you to come by and see it for yourself. The entire patio has this damage. I’m going to have to have it completely redone.

Edit: This is what I received from him,

I will definitely counter suing for defamation and losses. 

 This will be the last communication I will respond to as now it’ll be with small claims court and will have all records of defamation. 

 Thank you  Randy for this. 

Why would a business owner act like this? He agreed to fix it, then decided to just ignore the issue. This page has nothing but the facts. I’ve included all communication. The problem is obvious from the pictures. I don’t think Ray understands the meaning of defamation.

All he had to do was fix it as promised. I still don’t know why he suddenly decided not to. If he would take care of it I would remove all references to the issue.