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This Is The Other Side

Please don’t be this person. She’s looking for trouble, and pushing hoping to be the next victim of the police. THIS is the problem.

Public Freakouts While Not Wearing Masks

Now that we can go pretty much anywhere without a mask, yes I am vaccinated, these videos are a great reminder of all the really shitty people that refused to wear one when required.

Please! Get Vaccinated!

New guidelines from the CDC.

Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, indoors and out. That means living your life again. Here is a great example posted today.

Elon on SNL

Absolutely love him!

Very cool video from Nerdforge

Painting my First Layered Resin Painting (it’s 3D!)

I hate reaction videos…or do I?

This is real, this is what PEOPLE are thinking when they see Tom.


Before shooting “WHITEBOY”, this is the conversation that he had with the actors and crew.

These 7 Millennials Expose a Big Frustrating Thing about our Culture

Serious talk right here. Be VERY afraid.

SpaceX’s Biggest Starship Flight Is A Spectacular Success Even After Crash Landing

It was an awesome flight! And a spectacular *landing*

No Explanation Needed!