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AbsoluteBlack $700 OSPW: An Engineering Reaming

OK, welcome to another in a long line of Hambini videos. This one is an example of people being ripped off by bullshit companies.

“Beyond Expert” – The Trail Sign Says It All

ddangerous ddave is a serious badass, this is some amazing riding.

First Trip To Bentonville Arkansas

Mountain biking on some of the best trails I’ve seen.

Fuck Covid, go outdoors!

Where The Trail Ends…

The bad ass riders of the planet thrive!

Blake Goes Urban DH Racing

One of my favorite YouTube channels/people. GMBN Vs. The Valparaíso Cerro Abajo, and Blake gives us a great walk through/introduction.

The Worst Things About Being A Mountain Biker

This is sooooo true.

14 Extremely Useful Mountain Bike Tools

Great information from our friends at GMBN, The Global Mountain Bike Network.

Lauf Grit SL Fork!!!

Ordered new forks for the Kona Private Jake gravel bike. Now that it has new forks, and flat bars, it’s more of a short travel hardtail XC bike.

Great on the trails!
And GREAT on the really rocky stuff.

Lauf Grit SL Forks…

Ordered my forks yesterday, to mount on my Kona Private Jake gravel bike. Gonna be awesome!!! Pics and review coming in about 2 weeks.