SuperNova Tattoo

Eric and Nova, father and daughter owners. Fantastic people and artists.

210 North Mays St., Round Rock, TX, United States, Texas

(737) 230-5973

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I have been a client for 13 years. I have tattoos from 9 different artists in this shop.

The Team

Eric Urias – Founder and co-owner

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Rita Urias – Eric’s wife, co-owner, and Permanent make-up artist. Authorized laser removal.

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Nova – Co-owner and Eric’s daughter

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Congrats to Nova and fam. She is expecting twin boys early next year.

Kaleigh – Piercer and tattoo artist.

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Dean – Tattoo Artist

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Manny – Tattoo Artist

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Brian – Tatto Artist

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Here are just a few of the tattoos that I have gotten over the last 13 years with these amazing artists.

Tattoos by Nova!

This was originally done by Josh (former artist) but got really infected and a lot of it fell out. The after pic is after Nova fixed it!



From Eric.

This is a tattoo that Kaleigh did as an apprentice. This is how they learn.

Tattoos by other SuperNova artists. Some are no longer with the shop.

Awesome cover-up tattoo.

Ok, Nova did my right elbow yesterday and it FUCKING HURT. Haha, it was worse than the back of my neck, and that’s saying something.

Kaleigh killed it with this anchor!!!