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What an entitled little bitch. Thank you Barbara! We love you.

This is why you can’t just trust what someone says.

We have a justice system for a reason, liars like this idiot are just one of them.

Exposing Jessica Yaniv: Trans Predator

This person is one creepy mother fucker, seriously. He needs to be outed so that he can’t harm any young girls.

Do Transgender Athletes Have an Advantage in Female Sporting Events?

Why is this even a question? This guy claims the world has to embrace gender fluidity, but we don’t.

I’m not a conservative, but I did #walkaway

I’m an independent because the left is so filled with hate and judgment that I had to #walkaway and it’s been awesome. Here’s an example of the intolerance and hate from the so-called party of tolerance and inclusion.

Because I CARE!

The time for a “god” has passed.

Why isn’t this a crime?

Televangelist Todd Coontz has a well-worn routine: he dresses in a suit, pulls out a Bible and urges viewers to pledge a very specific amount of money. “Don’t delay, don’t delay,” he urges, calmly but emphatically.

Should be in jail!

So VERY true!

Barbara Gets Guns!

I love her, no…seriously…

This shit has to stop!

Screw the offended, screw the perpetual victims, and screw people that think this is OK.