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Seriously?? Man Gets Pulled Over For Doing 65 in a 70

This is why people want reform in police departments. This is harassment. There is nothing suspicious about doing 65 mph in a 70 mph zone.

Did the Officer Write the Ticket Based on Race?

The answer is absolutely not. This is the real problem today. The officer was amazing.

Orthopedic Surgeon Reacts To CHIROPRACTIC Video Comments *SAVAGE*

Dr. Chris is a badass, and speaker of truth.

People So Stupid…

Yes, they ARE fucking stupid. The fashionably offended looking for anything to be triggered by so they can be a *boo hoo* victim.

So Much FUCKING Truth!

British TV newsman loses it during story on diversity & Little House on the Prairie.

How Technology Destroyed The Truth

I’m a long time Joe Scott fan. This video has some serious truths in it, and something that people really need to see.

Joe Rogan on “Everything is Racist” Mentality

This is some real talk, about a serious issue in modern society. The misuse of the word *racism* is more harmful than actual racism in the US.

Everyone Is Not Equal

Dr. Phil, and Joe Rogan…taking real talk about how we are NOT all equal. We are all supposed to be equal under the law, but we are not all equal when it comes to IQ, strength, memory, etc. etc.

Why Twitter Censored the NY Post Article on Biden

And the divide gets bigger and bigger. Truth has no place in the new left.

Obama Made Mass Surveillance Worse

Edward Snowden speaks so much truth.