Fight to free Julian Assange and stop US extradition

It’s time to get this done. The people trying to extradite him are the ones that his leak helped to expose.

My partner, the journalist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, is fighting extradition to the United States and faces 175 years in prison. I and many others are joined in that fight – against extradition and his continuing imprisonment. We are appealing for your help.Stella Moris

Roger Waters – Thoughts on Facebook Ad Offer

I think Roger can be a prick at times, and I’m not a fan of him as a person…just my opinion, but…I like Zuckerberg a LOT less. People being sheep is really over used but it’s true.

Did the Officer Write the Ticket Based on Race?

The answer is absolutely not. This is the real problem today. The officer was amazing.

Tom MacDonald – “Dont Look Down”

Tom has released another Friday video treasure. I love his style, his lyrics, and Nova’s ability to create AMAZING videos. They are amazing together.

Orthopedic Surgeon Reacts To CHIROPRACTIC Video Comments *SAVAGE*

Dr. Chris is a badass, and speaker of truth.

Tom MacDonald – “Snowflakes”

Some snowflake’s feelings are going to get hurt again. Haha, truth can be really painful.

This Is The Other Side

Please don’t be this person. She’s looking for trouble, and pushing hoping to be the next victim of the police. THIS is the problem.

Public Freakouts While Not Wearing Masks

Now that we can go pretty much anywhere without a mask, yes I am vaccinated, these videos are a great reminder of all the really shitty people that refused to wear one when required.

First Trip To Bentonville Arkansas

Mountain biking on some of the best trails I’ve seen.

Please! Get Vaccinated!

New guidelines from the CDC.

Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, indoors and out. That means living your life again. Here is a great example posted today.