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The last day of 2011…

This was a fantastic year. I had the normal blessings, a good job, a happy marriage, etc. etc. but the biggest blessing of all is the fact that my wife didn’t spend a single day in the hospital. 2010 wasn’t so good, but we made it through and her cardiologist has her on a medication that not only works, it works MIRACLES.

Here’s to you Deborah! I love you dearly, and hope that we have many, many more years together!

Nice Bike Butt

Just had to share a new pic of the Aprilia’s ass.

Amazing Race Finish!

Possibly the best Motogp race finish ever! Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo battle it out in Catalunya 2009 with Rossi eventually winning the race and making it a staggering career 99 race wins!

This feature was played out in a World Superbike Studio for Eurosport.

Catalunya 2009 Motogp ‘Rossi teaches Lorenzo a lesson!’ from Tim Fowden on Vimeo.

MultiWii, The Site!

So much info, and so many birds to build. Who’s going to join me? This is a great place to start, easy builds and very affordable.

Great frames can be had here,

Too much information about them in general here,

Picloc-3X Pro / Panasonic GH2

This is phenomenal! The ultimate in small form factor video stabilization for multi-rotors! Now I need to come up with $500.00 to start testing one.

Newest Micro-Quad

This thing is going to ROCK.

4 brushless motors
4 speed controllers
7 channel 2.4 GHz
LiPo battery
HK KK controller board with Bluetooth for firmware updates and configuration and 3 axis gyros

Fully acrobatic and fast as hell and….. it’s only 8 inches from motor to motor. Should be doing the maiden flight before the 1st. I have a MUCH bigger one with 6 motors being built that can carry a GoPro cam and get aerial video (at trackdays maybe?).

Finally nice enough to take the new bike out.

Hooray for Aprilia!!!!

It’s the DOG!

This is Emily, the 6.3 pound family dog. CKC registered Chihuahua. I was really worried about having one of these tiny dogs. I expected, bossy, noisy and busy. She’s been an absolute joy for the last 4+ years.

OK, I LOVE this helmet!!!

I see a ton of helmets and there are some amazing designs. This is the best I’ve seen in some time!!!!

Aprilia Forums by AF1 Racing in Austin

I guess I got really lucky. The biggest, busiest and coolest Aprilia forums on the internet are run by AF1 Racing. A company based here in Austin. I’m learning a lot about the new bike, and of course getting used to a whole new group of “internet” people. Lol, we know how they can be. The forums are located at

and the AF1 Racing storefront is located at