Monthly Archives: January 2012

Woohoo, new leathers!

Gotta love Dainese! New season riding at the track means new gear. All the right gear, all the time!!!!

Feb 18th at Texas World Speedway!

Go to for the details. $110.00 normal price, $88.00 with the WFO discount! Nothing is more fun than a track bike on a high speed course!


This is a BIG gun

This is the Vulcan. 7 barrels, 30mm projectiles and 4200 rounds per minute. They literally built the A-10 around this gun. I know this information is all over and readily available but I found this pic and just had to share. That’s the gun parked next to a VW.

Dell driver HELL!

OK, I have a new Dell laptop and of course you don’t get any recovery media anymore soooo… When I did a fresh reinstall I tried’s support site. I entered my service tag number and it had no idea what I needed. Pretty damn sad.

I dug around everywhere Google would take me and finally found the Latitude E6520 Windows 7 driver cab. Enterprise client – wiki. Winrar’d that bad boy open and pointed to it for all my unknown devices and BLAM!!! Every single one of them installed.

If you have a Dell machine and need drivers search for “your model number” Windows 7 driver cab and see if you can find the file. It was 427 meg for my laptop. Good luck and remember…BUY HP!

Eddie and David together again!!!!

The new Van Halen single…”Tattoo”


This is Winter?

Saturday is going to be “Ride The New Aprilia” day for sure. It’s going to be in the 70’s and a few of us have already made plans. If you are in the Austin area log onto or and JOIN US!!!!

We miss you Marco!