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Fuck Covid, go outdoors!

Nova Rockerfeller

I Don’t Like You.

I hate reaction videos…or do I?

This is real, this is what PEOPLE are thinking when they see Tom.


Before shooting “WHITEBOY”, this is the conversation that he had with the actors and crew.

First Moon Pic

Sony 200-600mm telephoto and Sony A7Rii body. Moon was just coming up in the city haze, tons of light pollution. Sony came through.

A new adventure

DJI Ronin SC gimbal. Many new adventures to come.

People So Stupid…

Yes, they ARE fucking stupid. The fashionably offended looking for anything to be triggered by so they can be a *boo hoo* victim.

Extreme DOF (depth of field).

New 35mm f/0.95 lens. VERY wide, great DOF. Totally manual everything. Takes me back to my Nikon F2 film days.

Time for some astrophotography.

This is the Skyguider Pro Star Tracker.

Sony 200-600mm lens

The a6400 mirrorless body looks TINY mounted on this lens.