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Navy SEAL Don Shipley (Ret) Censored On Social Media

Thanks to Doug Ducote for this.

This is NOT FAIR!

Stop the fucking insanity.

Hillary Can’t Get Over It, Or Herself!

Ahhhh, makes sense!

Proud to be an Independent!


Students and Hypocrisy

Students Support Socialism… Until It’s Applied To Their GPA

Sorry you aren’t a real vicitim!

Racism on parade.

This man gets it, well done!!!!

Stand or fall as a PERSON, not a color.

Make Great Choices!

Stop being a victim, and move forward with your life!

White Supremacist Learns He’s 14% Black

OMG, I’m dying here. BTW, I’m just about 100% sure that all of us can trace our roots back to somewhere in Ethiopia.