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You Can Watch NASA Build Its Mars 2020 Rover Live Online!

OK, this is VERY cool.

I’m not a conservative, but I did #walkaway

I’m an independent because the left is so filled with hate and judgment that I had to #walkaway and it’s been awesome. Here’s an example of the intolerance and hate from the so-called party of tolerance and inclusion.

Because I CARE!

The time for a “god” has passed.

Why isn’t this a crime?

Televangelist Todd Coontz has a well-worn routine: he dresses in a suit, pulls out a Bible and urges viewers to pledge a very specific amount of money. “Don’t delay, don’t delay,” he urges, calmly but emphatically.

Should be in jail!

So VERY true!

Barbara Gets Guns!

I love her, no…seriously…

This shit has to stop!

Screw the offended, screw the perpetual victims, and screw people that think this is OK.

Lily, the new rescue!

She is a sweetheart!

Navy SEAL Don Shipley (Ret) Censored On Social Media

Thanks to Doug Ducote for this.