Bad experience with DIYBIN.COM

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I ordered a USBASP programmer from them 3 weeks ago.

If you look you can see the status is “Available for Order”. Silly me, I thought that meant they HAD THEM. Apparently not. Three weeks later my order status is “This order is marked as Awaiting Fulfillment“. I paid nearly 4 times as much as the same device would have cost coming from China but I needed it in a hurry so I ordered one in the good ole USA. I also paid $9.90 to get it shipped quicker. They charged my credit card illgally. They must have the item in stock and ready to ship to charge it, and they clearly DON’T!

I have sent three messages to them using the form they provide. In fact, it says this. “For order inquiries click here. Do not use this contact form. Doing so will delay your request”. Ray of hope? No, all three requests for info have been ignored. If you are considering using DIYBIN.COM be aware that some people (not just me) have had less than stellar results dealing with them. They will not be getting any more of my business. And people wonder why China is kicking our asses????


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